Good Ad, Bad Ad

For our first assignment, we have been asked to look at the print ads posted on Ads of the World ( and discuss one ad that was good in its execution and one that was lacking.

I came across this ad in a set created by the Serviceplan agency in Munich, Germany for Lego toys. The amusing photo with an aged tint recreates a living room scene from the 1980s. The accuracy of the room decoration and the clothing worn immediately transports the viewer back to their own 1980s living room and the hours spent on the floor building with Lego blocks.

Baffled and somewhat confused by their son’s Lego creation, the parents look on in amazement and with curiosity. The ad’s tagline, “Builders of Tomorrow” matches the scene perfectly as the young boy continues to enjoy building his wind turbine model despite his parents’ bemusement. The ad clearly displays the product, the positive emotion received from direct use of the product, and the limitless possibilities available. The Lego brand logo is subtly, yet effectively included in the ad.

I was very confused when I first saw this ad for Ford by Bronx, Curitiba, Brazil. The Ford label and small image of the promoted car are clear, but seemed disconnected in relation to the larger picture. After studying the picture and finding no hidden details in the image besides the tracks made in the dirt, I concluded that the ad is trying to say something about the Satellite Tracking Feature, but I’m not sure what. The copy, “New Ford Focus With Satellite Tracking Feature,” does not do enough to communicate the purpose of the ad or the reason this image of a street was chosen.

Boring, frustrating, and difficult, this Ford Focus ad misses the mark in almost all senses. The street image may be attractive, but its relation to purchasing a Ford Focus and its conveyance of the satellite tracking feature is unapparent

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