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Mighty Crafty: I SPY DIY Jewelry Display Ideas

In addition to I SPY DIY’s collaboration with Chloe + Isabel, DIY Darling Jenni Radosevich has crafted some really unique and functional ways of storing jewelry (especially C+I jems, of course). DIY Idea #1 is an undeniably cool hanger turned jewelry wall display with just a bit of paint and hardware. I like that you can paint the hanger whatever colors suit your room scheme.

DIY Idea #2 is a demure jewelry jar box that’s a breeze to assemble. I have tons of clothespins left over from fashion photography shoot last fall and am excited to finally put them to use!

So simple, so chic – can’t help but love Jenni’s ideas (and the preview of C+I jewelry from the Fall collection – did you catch it?!)! Click through the pictures for DIY directions on the Chloe + Isabel blog!


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DIY darling Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY has collaborated with Chloe + Isabel to create a limited edition Chain + Rhinestone bracelet! I love how simple and wearable, yet intricate this bracelet is. Can’t wait to add it to my arm parties! Hurry up and order before it sells out!



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The Retail Industry & Digital Media

Last fall I took a class titled COM 400: Trendspotting Digital Media at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Throughout the semester, I learned entrepreneurial skills regarding emerging trends in the digital world and how their application could affect other industries and the evolution of digital media.

For a group project, my team decided to research digital trends within the retail industry. We discovered four main innovations that have changed or will change the future of retail and media: faster payment methods, the definition of a physical store, convergence of promotion and technology and the growing voice of the social community.

This was my first use of Prezi for a project and I have to admit, once I learned how to navigate the editing tools, I had a lot of fun deciding on an arrangement. Check out our project below:

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End of the Beginning: #NewhouseSM4 Wrap Up

As a college senior, my final semester classes have flown by. None more quickly than COM400: Social Media U Need 2 Know/#NewhouseSM4, an inspiring course on social media platforms, strategy and use for professional purposes taught by @DR4WARD @NewhouseSU. As a daily user who knew the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter, I believed I had a pretty solid handle on both platforms. Quickly realizing how unaware I was of social media’s expansion beyond these popular sites, I was eager to learn more.

From a #NewhouseSM4 review of Facebook & Twitter, a Linkedin overhaul, an experimentation with Google+, a revelation with Pearltrees and a intensified obsession with Pinterest, I achieved a better grasp of each platform and now understand its intended purpose and use. Using HootSuite to balance and organize the platforms, the class moved on to social media measurement, understanding Klout, Empire Avenue, PeerIndex and numerous other sites that have developed unique formulas or algorithms to measure a person’s social media influence.

Particularly intrigued by the topic of social media scoring, I completed a group project, #upGRADESU, with four other classmates. We discussed Klout perks, the differences in scoring tools, case studies of companies and businesses already adopting social media scoring and our discussions with social media professionals experienced in scoring or score benefits.

Through #NewhouseSM4, I also heard from professionals throughout the semester on social media engagement, analytics, collaboration, measurement, listening, integration and curation through in-class Skype sessions or live discussions. With each week’s lesson or guest speaker, I completed a module in the HootSuite University training courseware and am now a HootSuite Certified social media professional.

Without a doubt, #NewhouseSM4 has been one of the best and most rewarding classes I have taken in college. I’ve learned so much in such a short time and will certainly be continuing my navigation of the ever-changing social media waters. I recommend the class to anyone interested in getting a better grip on social media not only for their personal branding, but for professional skill and knowledge as well. Take a look at the syllabus if you’re interested!

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Gardens Made for Parties: Chloe + Isabel Pinterest Contest

Attention Pinterest fans and jewelry lovers: Chloe + Isabel is hosting a contest to celebrate the spring season and their Garden Party collection! Simply pin onto a board entitled “My Chloe + Isabel Garden Party” anything that inspires your dream garden party and be entered to win $250 in FREE C + I jewelry! Awesome, right?! Easy as cake. Here are the directions:

1. Log into your Pinterest account and follow chloeandisabel

2. Create a new board and name it “My Chloe + Isabel Garden Party”

3. Start it off by repinning something from our Garden Party board

4. Tag every image with #candigardenparty

5. Add as many pins you like! Make it your own interpretation of images you’d use to style our garden party-inspired spring line

6. Email your mood board URL to by Friday, May 18th

(Free jewelry credits cannot be combined with Merchandiser standard discount, shopping spree discounts or any other offers. Contest period begins 04/16/2012 12:01am EST and ends 05/18/2012 11:59pm EST.)

Use your imagination and pin anything that inspires you! Happy Spring & Best of Luck!



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Upgrade Me: #upGRADESU presents to #NewhouseSM4

To change the way #NewhouseSM4 is presented and to encourage hands-on student learning, my social media professor @DR4WARD assigned Team Teaching Presentations a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to team up with @eamaher90 @NickDeyo & @RodneyWFleming on a fascinating topic: social media influence, its measurement and Klout perks.

While researching our topic, we used multiple online platforms to help organize our progress including Google Docs, Reader and Alerts, Twitter Lists, Linkedin & Linkedin Groups. We also used Google+ to share information as well as hangout with our professor and inform him of our progress. He showed us the new apps Google+ has incorporated into the hangout. Users can watch videos on YouTube or edit a PowerPoint presentation all at the same time in different locations! One of the most helpful tools for us was Pearltrees in which all members of the group could collect and edit researched links found online in our collaborative #upGRADESU pearltree.

After having the privilege of talking to @jayfenster and @markschaefer to gain some more insights on social media measurement, we assembled our presentation and posted it to SlideShare. We already had 231 views of our presentation before actually presenting! We were live tweeting the presentation and produced some incredible impressions on social media with help from our fellow #NewhouseSM4 students. At the time of this post, 261 tweets generated 188,351 impressions, reaching an audience of 59,927 followers within the past 24 hours, as found by our #upGRADESU Hashtracking report. I also completed a Storify story of the #upGRADESU Twitter back channel.

I really enjoyed this project and gained a better understanding of social media influence measurement as well as the rapidly growing Klout perks. I really responded to a point Mark Schaefer made in his book, Return on Influence, that influencers don’t have to only be celebrities and famous people. We are now in the age of the “Citizen Influencer,” as he titles it, and there’s no turning back.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Trying Out PearlTrees

In my #NewhouseSM4 class with @DR4WARD @NewhouseSU, I am learning about the online link organizational tool PearlTrees. It’s a great way to manage projects, articles, etc. in a visually appealing way, especially when working with a group and organization is key. I have only used bookmarks or social media threads to keep track of favorite online content and can see the immediate value to the PearlTrees system. The only complaint I have is that the site could be better designed to allow for larger, more defined graphics, similar to Pinterest. Check out my#NewhouseSM4 PearlTree:


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back in the Saddle Again: My Social Media Ride

Taking a few jaunts in the ever-evolving world of social media has caused me to push the pause button on blogging. But while I’ve been away, I’ve learned so much – the ins and outs, rights and wrongs, successes and failures of social media. I’m ready to return, but not before I look back to my beginnings in social media.

MySpace was first. The strange, yet exciting way to put my life on the internet and share it beyond AOL Instant Messenger ‘away messages.’ I jumped to Facebook when I reached high school to be in constant contact with my friends. It wasn’t until I entered college at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University when I began to fully appreciate social media. The ability to connect with friends across the country beyond email or online chat, through music, photos, links and shared conversation was invaluable to feeling at home in a new world.

I now realize that growing up with technology and social media has made it an inseparable part of my life. I’m connected through multiple devices in multiple places at one time, and can’t imagine a day without it. It has helped me find internship and job opportunities via Linkedin, grow my online chloe + isabel jewelry sales business, connect with thought leaders on Twitter, and prepared me, through firsthand experience, for a career in fields becoming increasingly more focused on social media, advertising and marketing. After recently completing the HootSuite University Social Media Education Program, I am now a certified social media expert.

My worlds have collided in the best way possible. My passions, education and career have combined to form a transportable, accessible and traceable path of my life, an idea other users and marketers alike will share use of for years to come.

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Ethics in Advertising: Drawing the Line or Crossing It

Ethics can be defined as the rules of conduct or moral principles of a particular group/culture, though its definition can differ from one person to the next. When it comes to advertising, this same sentiment holds true. Depicting a crucified Christ to sell bicycle gear may be an acceptable expression of the advertiser’s “passion” for its business for some, but an offensive appropration of a religious icon for others.
Advertising is always striving to push the boundaries of acceptance and tradition, as all avenues of artistic expression do. But since advertising is often a much more public and accessible medium of expression than some music or art, advertisers must constantly remind themselves of ethics and decide whether the message of the ad is worth sacrificing public opinion or trust. In some cases, the loss of a few ultra-conservative consumers may be a fine trade for an ad that impacted and resonated with millions more. In other cases, it’s just not worth the backlash.
I consider myself to be pretty liberal in my views, but this anti-smoking ad is an obvious connection to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.
I will admit, smoking is a serious and life-threatening issue, but putting an advertisement on the same level as a horrific, nationally, politically, and socially life-altering event is offensive, and an affront to every American who experienced the tragedy of that day. Topics that inspire strong, negative personal opinions or associations are better left out of the often humorous, joking world of advertising.
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TV spots: Obselete or Bringing Home the Bacon?

With the dawn of DVRs and video on demand, the landscape of television has changed dramatically in the last decade. What makes TV watching more convenient and accessible for consumers has traditional TV advertisers scrambling for a way to still get their message across. Like the radio, advancement in technology and pop culture has relegated TV commercials to an almost obselete medium, with consumers favoring the viral videos and interactive media available online.

The TV commercial’s lone champion in its fight for survival is the Superbowl, the annual television program who receives as much hype, if not more, for the corresponding advertising as for the actual game. Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, most of the presented spots of the last few Superbowls have been disappointing, tired, and boring. If TV spots’ “big dance” is lackluster and unstimulating, there’s not much hope for consumer interest and support throughout the rest of the year- something advertisers don’t want to hear.

As with all advertising, there are always a few standouts who come up with innovative and unusual ideas to promote their product or service. One of the standouts who recently created such a commercial is Logitech and their commercial with Kevin Bacon for Revue with Google TV:

This kind of humor, surprising and unique in relation to most other slapstick, cheesy TV spots, in addition to inspiring creative ideas is what will keep television advertising alive, at least for another decade.

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Interactive: Incredibly Inspiring

To catch someone’s attention, ads in non-traditional media have to do more than just look pretty. They have to inspire consumers to interact, thus, the title of this category of advertising. An ad that inspires interaction in more ways than one is Nike’s Chalkbot for LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, created by Wieden+Kennedy. Building on the tradition of chalking the Tour de France route, Wieden+Kennedy took the action a step further to establish the route as a canvas for Chalkbot, a robot that takes SMS, Twitter, web banners, and messages sent to it and chalks them onto the route riders bike a few hours later.

Here’s a video explaining it:

The best part about the ad is its ability for people to see the inspiring message they sent actually printed on the course. So not only is the ad interactive for consumers the first time, inspiring them to send in a message, it reinforces itself and acknowledges consumer’s participation, building on the idea of universal, shared inspiration to overcome any adversity. For consumers, to see a physical manifestation of their effort is a powerful confirmation for them individually and for their relationship with the brand or organization.

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The Virus Everybody Wants to Spread: Viral Videos

It’s clear to everyone in the industry that the world of advertising is ever-expanding. Along with the use of social media and guerrilla marketing, viral videos are one of the newest ways for advertisers to contact consumers, whether they realize it or not. A small budget production, viral videos have some sort of unusual, often humorous topic to draw in internet users, delighting them to the point where they feel they must share it with their friends.

Take this one, created for Ray Ban sunglasses.

A guy catches a pair of classic Ray Ban shades with his face that are thrown to him by his friend from great distances and heights. The short video culminates in the guy catching the Ray Bans with his face while sitting in the front seat of a moving vehicle. No indication of Ray Ban as a sponsor is apparent until the end of the video when the retailer’s tagline, Never Hide, is written through dirt on the car’s window. The video represents the take-charge, smoothly suave, irreverent attitude of the brand without forcing itself onto its typically laid-back consumers, creating another opportunity for advertising and brand development.

With 4,945,954 views as of 6:16 PM on 3/27/11, the video has achieved viral status and was appreciated enough to inspire a hilarious spoof:

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Campaigns: Ads that make you think, and think again

Campaigns are generally a series of ads with multiple executions expressing a single big idea. Many campaigns simply execute the ad’s main concept through variations on one creative idea, a boring and repetitive waste of time, effort and money. An example of the opposite is available to anyone who’s traveled through a major airport within the last 6 months. The HSBC campaign centering on different points of view in relation to different cultural, religious, social and political traditions or opinions has been logically plastered along almost every long expanse of wall space in airport terminals, skyways and along luggage carousels.

In the space where people’s minds are free to wander while waiting for their flight to be called, their boarding pass to be checked, or their luggage to be returned, HSBC encourages consumers to understand, as HSBC does, that differing opinions are opportunities for potential and a more unified world. The visuals, cropped images with a word superimposed on top, are simple and direct, yet powerful in in their allowance for open-ended interpretations. These ads express a theme that is interesting and relevant not only to consumers in general, but also to HSBC, each in a new, thought-provoking way.

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Reductionism: An Ad’s Best Friend

Between headline, copy, visual, tagline and logo, the intended message of an ad can be lost. To be simple and direct, and to make an impression on viewers, accomplished ads have shown that reductionism is key. These ads choose one or two elements and make them powerful on their own, but not so much so that they clash with or overlap the others.

This ad for Gaylea spreadable butter is interesting in its execution, using a strong image to draw in butter-using and toast-eating readers. The unusual headline, especially with the word “brutality,” is definitely an attention-getter, but the awkward yellow square at the bottom left is unnecessary and repeats the ad’s idea multiple times. Just the headline, the visual, and a picture of the butter container that says Spreadables would have gotten the “Butter that spreads” idea across more succinctly.

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When Visuals Say It All

As consumers, we are inundated on a daily basis with visuals advertising a product or service. While some may be attention-grabbing or arresting and lead viewers to read the accompanying copy, some are powerful enough in their visual impact alone, conveying the desired message succinctly without the assistance of extended copy. Visual ads with just a tagline or the advertiser’s logo can express an idea, simple or complex, in an unusual, entertaining, intriguing, or comical way.

This print ad for Goldstar beer does just that:

The ad uses a flow chart style, the everyday symbols indicating a restroom for men or for women, and expands upon both. Playing on the idea that women take complex mental routes to arrive to their drink and outfit of choice, the straightforward man with a direct, unquestionable route to his Goldstar beer is set in comparison. The “Thank God you’re a man.” tagline reinforces the visual’s male-targeted concept.

Other ads in the campaign are similar in design and idea, incorporating other differences between men and women, like this one of a woman’s interpretation and contrived meaning of actions when drinking alcohol contrasted with the simple, ultimate intention of a man drinking Goldstar beer.

Both of these ads are effective because they play on truths, on the actions that real women universally partake in, whether they know they are doing it or not. By specifically targeting men and in some cases alienating women, the ads narrow their complexity even further. Some may find the ads to be sexist and the insights portrayed to be incorrect, but for a beer advertisement, can you really expect more than cheap humor at the expense of women? Visually unusual, the ads cleverly position Goldstar beer as a man’s drink, plain and simple.

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