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DIY darling Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY has collaborated with Chloe + Isabel to create a limited edition Chain + Rhinestone bracelet! I love how simple and wearable, yet intricate this bracelet is. Can’t wait to add it to my arm parties! Hurry up and order before it sells out!



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The Retail Industry & Digital Media

Last fall I took a class titled COM 400: Trendspotting Digital Media at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Throughout the semester, I learned entrepreneurial skills regarding emerging trends in the digital world and how their application could affect other industries and the evolution of digital media.

For a group project, my team decided to research digital trends within the retail industry. We discovered four main innovations that have changed or will change the future of retail and media: faster payment methods, the definition of a physical store, convergence of promotion and technology and the growing voice of the social community.

This was my first use of Prezi for a project and I have to admit, once I learned how to navigate the editing tools, I had a lot of fun deciding on an arrangement. Check out our project below:

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Upgrade Me: #upGRADESU presents to #NewhouseSM4

To change the way #NewhouseSM4 is presented and to encourage hands-on student learning, my social media professor @DR4WARD assigned Team Teaching Presentations a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to team up with @eamaher90 @NickDeyo & @RodneyWFleming on a fascinating topic: social media influence, its measurement and Klout perks.

While researching our topic, we used multiple online platforms to help organize our progress including Google Docs, Reader and Alerts, Twitter Lists, Linkedin & Linkedin Groups. We also used Google+ to share information as well as hangout with our professor and inform him of our progress. He showed us the new apps Google+ has incorporated into the hangout. Users can watch videos on YouTube or edit a PowerPoint presentation all at the same time in different locations! One of the most helpful tools for us was Pearltrees in which all members of the group could collect and edit researched links found online in our collaborative #upGRADESU pearltree.

After having the privilege of talking to @jayfenster and @markschaefer to gain some more insights on social media measurement, we assembled our presentation and posted it to SlideShare. We already had 231 views of our presentation before actually presenting! We were live tweeting the presentation and produced some incredible impressions on social media with help from our fellow #NewhouseSM4 students. At the time of this post, 261 tweets generated 188,351 impressions, reaching an audience of 59,927 followers within the past 24 hours, as found by our #upGRADESU Hashtracking report. I also completed a Storify story of the #upGRADESU Twitter back channel.

I really enjoyed this project and gained a better understanding of social media influence measurement as well as the rapidly growing Klout perks. I really responded to a point Mark Schaefer made in his book, Return on Influence, that influencers don’t have to only be celebrities and famous people. We are now in the age of the “Citizen Influencer,” as he titles it, and there’s no turning back.

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Back in the Saddle Again: My Social Media Ride

Taking a few jaunts in the ever-evolving world of social media has caused me to push the pause button on blogging. But while I’ve been away, I’ve learned so much – the ins and outs, rights and wrongs, successes and failures of social media. I’m ready to return, but not before I look back to my beginnings in social media.

MySpace was first. The strange, yet exciting way to put my life on the internet and share it beyond AOL Instant Messenger ‘away messages.’ I jumped to Facebook when I reached high school to be in constant contact with my friends. It wasn’t until I entered college at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University when I began to fully appreciate social media. The ability to connect with friends across the country beyond email or online chat, through music, photos, links and shared conversation was invaluable to feeling at home in a new world.

I now realize that growing up with technology and social media has made it an inseparable part of my life. I’m connected through multiple devices in multiple places at one time, and can’t imagine a day without it. It has helped me find internship and job opportunities via Linkedin, grow my online chloe + isabel jewelry sales business, connect with thought leaders on Twitter, and prepared me, through firsthand experience, for a career in fields becoming increasingly more focused on social media, advertising and marketing. After recently completing the HootSuite University Social Media Education Program, I am now a certified social media expert.

My worlds have collided in the best way possible. My passions, education and career have combined to form a transportable, accessible and traceable path of my life, an idea other users and marketers alike will share use of for years to come.

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