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Campaigns: Ads that make you think, and think again

Campaigns are generally a series of ads with multiple executions expressing a single big idea. Many campaigns simply execute the ad’s main concept through variations on one creative idea, a boring and repetitive waste of time, effort and money. An example of the opposite is available to anyone who’s traveled through a major airport within the last 6 months. The HSBC campaign centering on different points of view in relation to different cultural, religious, social and political traditions or opinions has been logically plastered along almost every long expanse of wall space in airport terminals, skyways and along luggage carousels.

In the space where people’s minds are free to wander while waiting for their flight to be called, their boarding pass to be checked, or their luggage to be returned, HSBC encourages consumers to understand, as HSBC does, that differing opinions are opportunities for potential and a more unified world. The visuals, cropped images with a word superimposed on top, are simple and direct, yet powerful in in their allowance for open-ended interpretations. These ads express a theme that is interesting and relevant not only to consumers in general, but also to HSBC, each in a new, thought-provoking way.

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