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End of the Beginning: #NewhouseSM4 Wrap Up

As a college senior, my final semester classes have flown by. None more quickly than COM400: Social Media U Need 2 Know/#NewhouseSM4, an inspiring course on social media platforms, strategy and use for professional purposes taught by @DR4WARD @NewhouseSU. As a daily user who knew the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter, I believed I had a pretty solid handle on both platforms. Quickly realizing how unaware I was of social media’s expansion beyond these popular sites, I was eager to learn more.

From a #NewhouseSM4 review of Facebook & Twitter, a Linkedin overhaul, an experimentation with Google+, a revelation with Pearltrees and a intensified obsession with Pinterest, I achieved a better grasp of each platform and now understand its intended purpose and use. Using HootSuite to balance and organize the platforms, the class moved on to social media measurement, understanding Klout, Empire Avenue, PeerIndex and numerous other sites that have developed unique formulas or algorithms to measure a person’s social media influence.

Particularly intrigued by the topic of social media scoring, I completed a group project, #upGRADESU, with four other classmates. We discussed Klout perks, the differences in scoring tools, case studies of companies and businesses already adopting social media scoring and our discussions with social media professionals experienced in scoring or score benefits.

Through #NewhouseSM4, I also heard from professionals throughout the semester on social media engagement, analytics, collaboration, measurement, listening, integration and curation through in-class Skype sessions or live discussions. With each week’s lesson or guest speaker, I completed a module in the HootSuite University training courseware and am now a HootSuite Certified social media professional.

Without a doubt, #NewhouseSM4 has been one of the best and most rewarding classes I have taken in college. I’ve learned so much in such a short time and will certainly be continuing my navigation of the ever-changing social media waters. I recommend the class to anyone interested in getting a better grip on social media not only for their personal branding, but for professional skill and knowledge as well. Take a look at the syllabus if you’re interested!

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