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Interactive: Incredibly Inspiring

To catch someone’s attention, ads in non-traditional media have to do more than just look pretty. They have to inspire consumers to interact, thus, the title of this category of advertising. An ad that inspires interaction in more ways than one is Nike’s Chalkbot for LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, created by Wieden+Kennedy. Building on the tradition of chalking the Tour de France route, Wieden+Kennedy took the action a step further to establish the route as a canvas for Chalkbot, a robot that takes SMS, Twitter, web banners, and wearyellow.com messages sent to it and chalks them onto the route riders bike a few hours later.

Here’s a video explaining it:

The best part about the ad is its ability for people to see the inspiring message they sent actually printed on the course. So not only is the ad interactive for consumers the first time, inspiring them to send in a message, it reinforces itself and acknowledges consumer’s participation, building on the idea of universal, shared inspiration to overcome any adversity. For consumers, to see a physical manifestation of their effort is a powerful confirmation for them individually and for their relationship with the brand or organization.

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